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The Influence Of Motivation, Market Orientation And Organizational Learning Towards Dealers Performance (A Case Study Of Yamaha Motorcycle Entrepreneurs)

This study is about the influence of Motivation, Market Orientation and Organizational Learning towards Dealers Performance (A Case Study of Yamaha Motorcycle Entrepreneurs). Sales of Yamaha motorcycles in Indonesia not only to open a branch office sales, Yamaha also develop cooperation with entrepreneurs who want to become a dealer. With the support of dealers expected them to have a high entrepreneurial spirit, so as to help the sales of motorcycles, spare parts and motorcycle maintenance. The researcher analyzes 97 dealers of Yamaha that scattered various province in Indonesia (by Slovin formula). To analyze the data, the researcher used SPSS Ver. 20.0 and Microsoft Excel 2011. The first stage, researcher prestest against 30 respondents with 37 questions and there is one question is not valid. The next step is to test the classical assumption. The data meet the requirements of normality, the next step is to perform multiple regression. When tested, it proved that the simultaneously motivation, market orientation and organizational learning have a significance influence towards company performance. The Partial results of the test, only market orientation that has an influence on company performance. While motivation does not have an influence on company performance . as well as organizational learning, had no influence on company performance. Keywords: motivation, market orientation, organizational learning, dealer, company performance