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Factors Influencing First Year Students’ Perceptions of The Right to Medical Care Through Direct Marketing Communication Channels: A Case of Khonkaen University

This study aims to study factors influencing first-year students’ perception of the right to medical care and direct marketing communication channels. A questionnaire survey was conducted with400first-year studentsof two faculties: Faculty of Science Program in Health Science and Technology, and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at KhonKaen University in northeastern Thailand. The data were analyzed withdescriptive and inferential statistics, namelyPearsonChi-Square correlation test, and Independent- Samples T Test. Results reveal that gender and faculty are among factors influencingfirst-year students’perceptions of the right to medical care through direct marketing communication channels. Therefore, these results serve asuseful information to organizations responsible for public health in utilizing direct marketing channels for public relations. Keywords— Perceptions, the Right to Medical Care, Direct Marketing, Communication Channels.