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The Operation Of Manufacturers Of Provincial Three Star Otop Product Champions In Nonthaburi Province

The purposes of this research were to The operation of manufacturers of provincial three star OTOP product champions in Nonthaburi province Sample group in this study included 91 OTOP producers in Nonthaburi selected by purposive sampling technique. The research tools were interview and questionnaire consisting of 3 parts with the reliability of 0.84.Descriptive statistics were used in data analysis. Commercial statistics analysis program was used for data analysis using percentage, frequency and means. The results revealed that: 1) The In general view, it was found that the ranking of the 6 aspects of technology were: a. technology for quality and standard was the highest at 95.60% by inspecting the products before distributing. b. They employed technology in environmental conservation and safety at 92.30% by providing sufficient lighting and controlling vibration. Index Terms´┐ŻOperation, manufacturers of provincial, production process