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Study on The Diabetes Mellitus Disease Sufferers From The Cultural Food System in The Makassarese Community, Takalar District

This study examines the behavior of eating and the occurrence of the Diabetes mellitus disease taken from the eating habits of families in the Makassarese community, Takalar District, South Sulawesi. This study is a qualitative research combined with a questionnaire survey and the history of food consumption methods. The data collected in this study consists of two kinds: (1) the primary data was collected through interviews and a survey of households and the household's food consumption history. (2) The secondary data was obtained from the relevant agencies. Methods or techniques used in analyzing the data to classify data into domains by categories of household, gender, socio-cultural background, food and health practice systems, ideology of food habits in the family's food lifestyle and food choices. This research was conducted in Makassar, South Sulawesi. The location of this study was selected purposively with consideration of families with a routine variety of food consumed and a significant number of patients with Diabetes mellitus disease. This research is expected to result in the construction of a better eating behavior and health culture system for people with the Diabetes mellitus disease. Keywords- The Behavior of Eating, Eating Behavior, Health Culture System, Food Consumption History, Gender.