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Design and Fabrication of Wireless Based Automated Car Parking Prototype System

Now a day�s numbers of cars have increased; because of this car parking is a big issue which in turn causes traffic jam problem. To overcome this problem, �Automated Car Parking System� is the best solution. The system is based on PIC and RFID. It consists of one main display at the ground floor which is basically counter that displays number of cars in each floor. In each slot consists IR sensor which indicate that parking space is available or not on that particular slots. There is facility of lift to carry the car to up and down. Movement of lift is controlled by motor. The driver will park his vehicle on a pallet at the platform of the car park. Then the sensor will detect the available empty parking spaces and display them on the LEDs panel. At the LEDs are providing to indicate position of lift. After the driver selects the desired parking space on the mobile phone, the vehicle will be transported to that parking space. In order to retrieve the vehicle, the driver will select the location of his vehicle on the mobile phone. The system will retrieve the vehicle from the parking space and send it back to the original position where the driver is waiting. There are three portions in automated car parking system. They are RFID system, car lift control system and Bluetooth serial system. For the RFID system, 13.56 MHz passive reader and tag pairs are used. In this system, human power is not used therefore error is less also required low space with provides highest security and greatest flexibility. No need for energy intensive ventilating system. Due to this advantage system used in public parking, rail station, airport, hotels, mall. Keywords- RFID module, PIC microcontroller, IR obstacle sensor, H-Bridge motor driver