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Job Insecurity and Stress -A Study of Private Insurance Players in Amritsar City

This paper examines the relationship between the Job Insecurity and Stress in Insurance Industry. The study is an effort to measure that how much the employees in insurance industry feel insecure as far as their job is concerned and how their feeling of job insecurity is leading to stress which ultimately affects their performance in their job. The results of such a study can provide useful insights to the management of any concern in general and of Insurance companies in particular to effectively handle the situations of job related panic among employees. The study has found a large prevalence of the feeling of job insecurity among the private sector insurance employees. Employees are not sure about the continuity of their jobs with their present employers. Most of the responses given by these employees give a clear signal of insecurity among them. At the same time this sense of losing the jobs is creating stress among them. Keywords- Job insecurity, Stress, Insurance, performance, coping strategies.