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Towards a New Biomimic Approach, New Bio-Mim-Triz Design Process

Humans with their destroying habits are leading the nature to its decay and leaving us with worries about the built environment and natural resources. Therefore, in order to strengthen the relationship between person and place, architects should find new solutions and approaches that cope with nature and work perfectly with it. It is important to have a deeper look on nature that has a huge database of solutions for all problems and created several ways and techniques to guarantee this survival for many years. This can be achieved by biomimicry, but due to the appearance of a problem that faced the designers which is their limited knowledge of biology, another approach was needed. Here comes the role of Bio-TRIZ that appeared to help the architect to extract solutions easily from nature but again there was a problem addressed in the differences in engineering and biological terminologies. Therefore, this paper derives a new design process that combines biomimicry with Bio-TRIZ, leading to �BIO-MIM-TRIZ� and it leads to new �BIO-MIMIZ� buildings. This new process can help designers develop candidate bio-inspired engineering products or solutions for a given problem. The goal of this evolutionary architecture is to achieve symbiotic behavior and metabolic balance in the built environment as they are the main characteristics of the natural environment and optimum life. Keywords� Biomimicry, Architectural design process, Bio-TRIZ, BIO-MIM-TRIZ, BIO-MIMIZ buildings.