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Effective of Using The Special Training For Developing Reflex Offensive Speed After Scoring on Handball Advanced Player

The modern hand ball games characterized by more speed and coordination it which transition between defiance and offensive after make a several change on handball rules it mention to allowed the team to make the fast beginning shoot after each score without stopping or return to opposite team to pull into the middle of court which is create a more accurate for doing the very active offensive During the researcher notice for a several games, there a lot of clubs from KRG they are not care about move quickly and make very activity offensive ,so it�s make return very comfortable to defense line which is make a advantage for competitor team .the research aimed to prepared the special training to move quickly offensive on sulaimani club handball advanced player team ,the research hypotheses it�s there are statically difference between the types of offensive move on the sulaimani sport club . The researcher used the experimental method with the same group of suitability nature of the study were selected sample Find the way intentional, which included players sulaimani Sports Club handball team to the category of applicants totaling 16 players and have the researcher it designing form to note the fast attack hand ball, as the researcher developed a set of special exercises fast-attack with defense and without giving the defense during the main part of the training unit, the bag was used SPSS statistical data processing and extraction results. The researcher recommended there was a significant change on fast offensive move on post trail ,so it�s a natural reflex for such as developed on study subject ,which take hand on technique side interest .there are clearly improved after make them a scoring .The researcher recommends attention exercises speed in handball because of its positive impact in the development of many offensive skills as well as the defense, and the use of the proposed exercises by the researcher and attention to the application of the exercises is to serve the development of offensive skill and emphasis on smooth performance and transition from defense to attack either the ball or without the ball after receiving the target so as to their importance in the economy, the effort and the speed of the target Date.