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The Effect of Learning Programming in The Achievement of The Snatch Levels Lifting at The School of Physical Education Students at The University of Sulaymaniyah

Educational literature indicates that teaching a systematic and targeted process of an impact of the learner, characterized by the introduction of tender and dialogue interactive and mutual between teacher and student, as well as to determine the behavior that we want to teach them, or to create conditions that are meant to develop this behavior, all of this is within the framework of the degree of control in the environment teaching and learning up to the desired goal, and there are those who believe that teaching communication process and understanding between two parties central to the educational process are the teacher and student, as well as the curriculum and there adds an element Fourth is the (environment), it has to be a teacher teaches the process, the students participate and interact and learns The curriculum is learned It is worth mentioning that these elements ( the teacher - student - curriculum ) are interrelated and interactive cannot be separated from each other , cannot be the process of teaching without the student curriculum , the curriculum does not play its role only through teacher shall be qualified , and all of the teacher the curriculum has no role for them without the student learns , all within an appropriate learning environment , and the possibilities available, many of the Psychology and Education Research results have confirmed the need to move towards individualization in education , so look for the student as a unique person in its properties He loves the attitudes and needs of the student and guidance which takes into account , how to teach himself by these capabilities and preparations , and then the results of learning according to the goals set in advance, and this is what is called self- learning , so felt researchers to use some kind of individualized education , which is the impact of programmed instruction in achievement of the stages of the snatch with physical education and basice sport education students.