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Design Automation And CFD Analysis Of Draft Tube For Hydro Power Plant

The efficiency of a hydraulic reaction turbine is significantly affected by the performance of its draft tube. The shape and velocity distribution at the inlet are, in next turn, two main factors that affects the performance of the draft tube. Traditionally, the design of this component has been based on simplified analytic methods, experimental rules of thumb and model tests. In this paper, an attempt has been made for design automation of modeling of draft tube using Excel spreadsheet and Creo parametric software. In the last decade or two, the usage of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has dramatically increased in the design process and will continue to grow due to is flexibility and cost-effectiveness. A CFD-based design search can further be aided with a robust and user-friendly optimization frame work theory and engineering. In this paper, the CFD analysis of draft tube has been performed and results for the same are compared with experimental reading and which are found within the limit. Index Terms—CFD analysis, draft tube, pressure, stream line.