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Motivation, Activity, Fulfillment of Developmental Task, and Life Satisfaction of Elderly Widowers and Widows

Elderly who have high motivation to perform activities according to their own ability will be satisfied in life. The aimed of this research was to analyze the effect of motivation, activities of daily living, development task, and life satisfaction of elderly widower and widow. Design of this research was used cross-sectional study. The research was conducted in South Bogor Sub-District and West Bogor Sub-District, West Java Province, Indonesia. As many as 60 participants were involved as research sample, consist of 50 elderly widowers and 50 elderly widows which were chosen by snow-ball techniques. Elderly widow had better achievement activity than elderly widower. The result showed that only the length of education andfullfilment of development task which were affecting life satisfaction. Keywords- daily living activity, development tasks, elderly motivation, life satisfaction