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Endorser Credibility and Its Influence on The Purchase Intention of Social Networking Sites Consumer: A Mediating Role of Attitudes Towards SNS Advertising

Advertising becomes important for the companies to promote their products to the customers. The evolution of technology has made many companies to shift from traditional advertising medium to new medium such as Internet as their advertising channel. Social networking sites (SNS) advertising become one of the most popular advertising in Internet due to increasing numbers of SNS users in Malaysia. However, Malaysia businesses were found to be not having a clear strategy of SNS advertising and do not recognize the impacts to their businesses. This study examined one of the strategies that has been used in SNS advertising which is the influence of endorser credibility and online purchase intention of SNS consumers in Malaysia. The endorser credibility model was developed by Ohanion (1991) and Affect Transfer Hypothesis (ATH) has been used in this study. The study carried out in Klang Valley using 200 respondents. Three elements were used to measure the endorser credibility, which are, attractiveness, expertise and trustworthiness. To examine the relationship, this paper employs an SPSS test that is capable of testing the relationship between the variables. The findings from this study showed that a credible endorser leads the consumers to have an online purchase intention. Other than that, this study proved that attitudes towards SNS advertising mediates the relationship between endorser credibility and online purchase intention. Overall, the study provides supportive evidence on the impact of using endorser in SNS advertising and the results help businesses to formulate better strategy in advertising. Keywords- Social Networking Sites Advertising; Endorser Credibility; and Online Purchase Intention.