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Using Granular Sulphur Properties to Modify Granulation Units at South Pars Gas Complex

The purpose of this study is to modify the design of South Pars Gas Complex solidification and storage sulphur units regarding granular sulphur property. In the recent years the silo outlet was chocked frequently therefore the operator had to hit strongly the silo wall by a hammer or picked via outlet. Site observation shows that flow-ability is decreased with decreasing particle size and increasing Moisture content. In this investigation firstly by use of granular property silo design was verified based on EN1991-4. The result shown that the silo geometry was designed for mass-flow profile correctly. The property of stored granular sulphur by test specimens and unit mechanisms were checked during the site operation condition. The result of initial product specimens in every unit�s start up, that stored in silo conical hopper, showed that product characteristics has deviation from vendor design documents. Investigation about these specification and their relation was determined that they are the most important physical-mechanical parameter of bulk granular that deviation of them will cause consolidation, reducing flow-ability factor of granules and finally chocking the silo outlet. The final outcome of this study is shown that the current granulation unit mechanism is not able to control the three main parameters size, moisture and �consolidation time�. For elimination of these deviations, nonstop and accurate production, quality improving and reduce environmental pollution, three proposition to modify the current granulation units. Keywords� Granular Properties, Sulphur, Silo, Moisture Content, South Pars Gas Complex.