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A Study on Demographic and Marketing Factors Influencing Consumers to Consume Hot Pots in Yangon, Myanmar

The objectives of the study were to identify the demographic and marketing factors influencing by analyzing and studying the importance level of demographic and marketing factorsinfluencing the decisions of consumers and provided the concluded recommendations to the investors wishing to invest in the hot pot restaurants in Yangon, Myanmar. It is a quantitative study focusing on the analysis of factors influencing the decisions of consumers from the areas of demography of the consumers and the marketing factors in use and addresses the problem of the research. In this study, 400 consumers are participated in the target area among the population of 5.21 million (UNdata, 2015) in Yangon, Myanmar. A multiple sampling method was used to obtain the participants for this study. The researcher also tested the reliability test in order to consistence of the survey and observation, or other measurable devices. A questionnaire was used in the study as the research instrument. The data collecting survey was developed after completing a literature review and this data was analyzed using the Data Analysis Program. The results determined that demographic and marketing factors have a significant effect on influencing the consumers to consume Hot Pots in Yangon, Myanmar and suggest the future investors of hot pot restaurants ensure control not only over the quality of service but also over the product quality. Keywords´┐Ż Studying Demographic and Marketing Factors, Decision Making, Hot Pot, Consumer Behaviors.