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Infringement Rescue System

Reports of school bullying, sexual assault, and sexual harassment are often seen on TV or in newspapers and magazines in recent years; thus, the author considers this topic and actively conducts research to develop and design a system to target this problem. A hidden switch is used to start the system in the face of any danger, where video and sound recordings will be implemented after the system is started; in case the danger still exists after the device is started, the alarm sound can be triggered again to attract attention or deter the occurrence of infringement. In addition, an SOS signal can be sent out by the GSM module, which calls an emergency contact person or dials 110 to report the case, which uses the base station triangulation of the telecom, provider to quickly locate the user and send help, thus, acts of infringement can be deterred in real time to reduce the degree of infringement. Index Terms- A rescue system, bullying, sexual abuse, GSM.