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Trust, Antecedent And Consequence In Online Shopping Context: Testing The Role Of E-WOM As Moderating Effect

This study tried to investigate the important variables that affect trust and the impact of trust on consumer purchase intentions in the context of online shopping. This study also examined the role of word of mouth communication as a moderating variable in the relationship between trust and consumer purchase intentions. Data was collected through a survey with a sample of 210 respondents and used purposive sampling method. By using regression analysis, it was found that corporate image significantly influence online trust. Second, the financial and social relationship marketing significantly effect on consumer online trust, while structural relationship marketing has no effect on consumer online trust. Furthermore, online trust significantly influence on online consumer purchase intention. The role of negative e-wom as moderating variable is weaken the relationship between online trust and purchase intention, but positive word of mouth communication does not strengthen the relationship between online trust and repurchase intention. Keyword: corporate image, relationship marketing, online trust, purchase intention, wom