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Role of Time Management in Municipal's Urban Activities, Due to The Egyptian's Legislations

Large cities in Egypt suffer spread of urban distortion phenomenon, which resulted from several causes; absence of project management concept is one of the most of these causes. Project management and its computer based applications; in terms of time management; is the latest and became one of the most spread trends in the modern building industry. Most of construction projects in Egypt do not implemented through project management concept especially the domestic housing projects that represent most urban activities which permitted and implemented under inspection of the Municipalities. The research attempts to highlight the importance of time management in managing the urban activities in Egyptian municipalities in terms of implementation of the permitted projects. At first the research reviews the Egyptian building legislations in terms of building permissions, and specifies the weaknesses in the legislations that influence the distortion in the cities' image that resulted from absence of the project management techniques. Then the research reviews the project management through two of most famous bodies that deal with the architecture and construction points of view. These lead us to the necessity of reviewing the most used project time management techniques and there computer based applications and define the optimum one to be used in municipal's urban activities. Finally the research links between the project time management and the building's legislations in terms of issuing and implementing the building permissions. At the end conclusion and recommendations impose some modifications for the building legislations to be taken in consideration. Index terms- Engineering management, Municipal engineering, Public policies and local development.