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Professions of Non-Coutrier Women in The Chaemenian Age

In every society women as a half of the population can play an effective role in economy. Addressing different jobs is one of the ways indicating the women�s economic activities in the age of the Achaemenid. With the use of clay tablets of Perspolis and also the seals from the age of the Achaemenian, helpful but incomplete information about the history of the women of the time was obtained. Women in this period performed a variety of professions and got paid n return for their work .The payment was often in the form of objects and materials. There was great variety in jobs including simple labor to the head of the workshop. Of course the women were involved in satisfying their spouses� affaires and raising children too and probably it could be said that these responsibilities were prioritized. This article makes attempt, as much as possible, to introduce these careers to the readers and pave the path for more profound researches. Keywords: Jobs, Women, Achaemenian, Wages.