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A Framework For Evaluating The Performance of Enterprise-Wide it Department Using an Integrated Analytic Network Process (ANP) and Balanced Scorecard

There are two viewpoints about usefulness and performance in the information technology department in an organization. One side favors that the benefits in question have not been fulfilled. Another side emphasizes the important role of information technology in all life aspects and facets. Conflicts exist about the results and benefits of information technology are just one of the relatively old challenges in information technology scope. This study aimed is done to provide a framework for evaluating the performance of information technology department. Essential factors in evaluating the performance are derived from texts and standards. Potential criteria were reduced by screening method and assigned to Balanced Scorecard framework. Relationships Network between Balanced Scorecard aspects and criteria were determined by using DEMATEL method. Analytical Network Process method was used to determine weights of criteria. Keywords: IT department performance, evaluation framework, DEMATEL, ANP.