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Middle Childhood Attachment And Family Relationships

The present study investigated the association between the level of middle-age children�s attachments to their parents and their family relationship. In addition, this study also examined whether the level of children�s attachment to their parents varied by gender. The study design is quantitative acquiring relational patterns. In line with the purpose of this study, the sample group consisted of 208 students (103 girls, 105 boys) in fifth grade attending middle school in the district of Kartepe in İzmit province, Turkey. In this study, �Kerns� Security Scale (KSS)� and �The Family Relationships Scale for Children� were used for data collection. During the analysis of data collected, t-test and Pearson� correlation coefficient were used for unrelated measurements. The results of the study concluded that the association of the level of children�s attachment to their parents was moderate and negative with discouraging family relationships and was moderate and positive with supportive family relationships. Keywords� Attachment, Middle Childhood, Parent�Child Relations.