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The Effect of Pyramid Method Adapted to Turkish Preschool Education Program on The Receptive And Expressive Language Skills of 5-Years Old Children: A Pilot Study

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of Pyramid method adapted to Turkish Pre-School Education Program on the receptive and expressive language skills of 5-year old children. The Pyramid Method has been developed by Van Kuyk under CITO which is one of the most famous measurement and evaluation centers in the world. The one-group pretest-posttet design which is one of the weak experimental designs have been used. For this purpose, 15 five years old children were included in this study at the Gazi University Vocational Education Faculty Preschool. The data have been collected by TELD-3: Turkish, which is a Turkish version of “Test of Early Language Development”. As a result of the research, Pyramid Method was found to have significantly different influences on the receptive and expressive language skills of children. Keywords— Turkish Pre-school Education Program, Pyramid Method, Perceptive Language, Expressive Language.