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Germany – Pakistan Relations (1960 – 2015) An Analytical Study

Germany is a country that is traditionally highly regarded in the countries of South Asia. The German people and German products are valued and generate a positive response in South Asia. The main objective of this thesis is to evaluate and analyse various dimensions of a Such Comparative Study of the Geography (German & Pakistan). Basically Germany is located in Central Europe, it has common borders with Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland, It’s total area around 356,854 sq km. Pakistan has a strategic geo-political location at the corridor of world major maritime oil supply lines, and has close proximity to the resource and oil rich Central Asian countries. Germany and Pakistan enjoy intimately cordial relations. Germany has taken large measures to aid the south Asian countries in its economic and governmental hardship. Commercial trade between Berlin and Islamabad has also been very essential as Germany is Pakistan’s fourth largest trade partner, also Germany is home to 35,081 Pakistani immigrants overall, the two nations have almost always had a friendly bond. The aim of my research is to initiate fruitful discussions about appropriate strategies and actions in the face of the economic and geopolitical challenges faced by Pakistan and the role which societies of each country can play in assisting the region in overcoming its problems. The thesis would aim to serve as a facilitator for developing new collaborative research projects between different institutions and disciplines in the Germany and Pakistan institutions. This is important, as the issues of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment social inequities need to be understood properly. Though geographically far apart from each other, and not having gone through the experience which the Asian states had undergone in their relations with the Portugese, Dutch, French and English. Pakistan and Germany did not have to forget any unpleasant memories of a colonial past. On the contrary the freedom fighters of the Indo-Pak subcontinent did not make secret of their sympathy-nay-admiration for Germany which though defeated in World War I and World War II by Anglo-French and Anglo-American blocs respectively had shaken the British and French empires to their foundation in the protracted wars.