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Perception Of Rural People Towards Information And Communication Technology (Ict) As Influenced By Income Levels In District Lodhran - Pakistan

Current studies were carried in district Lodhran, Pakistan using purposive sampling method. . Data were analysed through statistical analyses by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The purposeof study to find out awareness of rural people about benefits of ICT, willing ness to learn and obtain ICT and future expectations.It has been found that income is basic factor that determine attitude of rural people towards ICT. High income people were aware of potential benefits of ICT and more willing to obtain communication technologies such as mobile, computer and internet as compared to medium and low income groups. However medium income people were more interested to learn ICT compared to other groups. English literacy also play important role in ICT adoption. These results provides basis to the researchers to assist the policy making bodies, extension department and Non-Governmental Organizations(NGO,s) to make extension policies targeting the rural people. Keywords- Attitude, ICT, Income, Lodhran