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Human Factors on Business Strategy For Successful ERP Implementation: A Case Study in Vietnam

Today, ERP systems have become popular and are deployed in many enterprises of various sectors in the world. However, in the judgment of the consultant, ERP projects are often large scale, high cost, and low likelihood of success. But in Vietnam, enterprises are often small scale. They only just approach the information systems of enterprise in a short time, understanding of the implementation process is limited and the lack of financial resources. This research, we learn about ERP model. Investigate, analyze and compare points of view of the target groups including ERP implementation consultants, enterprises which apply ERP, ERP researchers and academic on affecting factors. Investigate, evaluate and rank factors that have impact on strategies of enterprises with ERP implementation in Vietnam. Collection and analysis of ERP model was launched by the previous survey. Based on the data to make an assessment of the implementation of ERP in enterprises in Vietnam It is the basis for we offer effective solutions and analytical method for effective ERP. We will also highlight the research population and sample design. Learn and analyze the factors affecting ERP strategy and assess its impact. Keywords´┐Ż ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) model, enterprises, factors, difficulties in the development of ERP in Vietnam, ERP solutions in Vietnam.