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New Approaches To Military Leadership

There are many different leadership definitions inmanagement sciences. Researchers define leadership on their own understanding, although most of them being not a real leader.The most common shared idea among these definitions is the effect on the followers. Leadership is the effect ofa person who has the power todrivehis followerswill.Therefore it can be assessed that military commanders can be leader only if they can make their soldiers do their job, not because of the legal power of the hierarchic order, but because of the followers’belief and trust. In this paper, modernleadership approaches are studied in light of modern operational environment. As a result it is assessed that leadership training activities has a great effect onthe military leaders. What kind of leadership approach would be affective in joint operations?The ISAF operation example is considered as a case study. Keywords- Leadership, Modern Approaches, Joint Operation, Multi-national Military Forces, Modern Operational Environment.