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Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: An Assessment of Government Policies

Every human being needs a range of basic necessities, such as food, water, clothing, shelter, education, and health care, for his or her daily life. The economic condition of lacking these essential goods and services to meet basic needs of life has become the major reasons while nations embark on policies and program that would engender development and ultimately reduce poverty to its barest minimum. While poverty is universal, it is severe in developing countries. Efforts were made by previous governments in Nigeria through initiation of policies and programmes that will at least reduce poverty level to from all ramifications. This study assessed government policies; poverty alleviation and national poverty eradication programmes aimed at alleviating poverty in Nigeria. The instrument used in the research is the survey type of questionnaire. The study area is Bauchi Local Government. The outcome of the research will guide policy makers in the future while formulating policies on poverty alleviation, it also advances the efficiency of entrepreneurial centers and their roles in alleviating poverty and the shortcomings and inadequacies of previous and current government policies towards poverty alleviation is highlighted and the stake holders advised accordingly. Keywords´┐Ż Poverty, Alleviation, Assessment, and Bauchi State.