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Performance Evaluation of Treated Aggregates (T-Aggregates) in Bituminous Pavement to Tackle Moisture Effects

The main aim of this research paper is to evaluate the performance of treated aggregates (treated with palm oil) in asphalt concrete so as to address the problem of residual moisture that prevents full development of asphalt aggregate bonds thereby reducing mix and, thus, pavement strength. Moisture has significant effect on the quality of asphalt concrete. The methodology of this research paper involves: selection of good quality aggregates, bitumen and mineral filler. Asphalt concrete mix design would be conducted and based on the mix design, a set of samples would be produced as a control (Untreated aggregates) and another set would be produced with coated coarse aggregates of palm-oil (Treated aggregates).Series of asphalt concrete tests (indirect tensile strength test, stability test, flow test, moisture susceptibility test, fatigue and rutting test) will then be conducted to determine the performance and strength of the two sets of prepared asphalt concrete Keywords´┐Ż Aggregate, Palm oil, Asphalt concrete, Bitumen, Pavement strength, Moisture.