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Investigation of Ieee 802.11ac Signal Strength Performance in Wifi Communication System

Emergence of IEEE 802.11, Wifi has made a huge impact on wireless networking and are implementing widely in today society. Due to rapid increased in mobile devices and internet user, IEEE have come up with the latest technology of IEEE802.11ac which belief to have highest throughput, wider range and capacity. Unfortunately, since this technology is just recently released, the maximum performance is yet to be explored. This paper will be focusing on designing experimental setup to investigate the maximum performance of this new technology by conducting several line of sight experiments using high gain antennas in order to determine the throughput and other performance metric. We proposed that this technology will be able to provide good signal quality with regard to distances of up to 1 km as compare to previous technology of 802.11n. The finding of this investigation is useful as references and potential implementation of 802.11ac technology. Index Terms- IEEE 802.11, Wifi, Received Signal Strength.