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Applied Works, Flower And Shiraz Bird in Afsane- Afsoon (Faghiri Sisters) Lab and Its Modern Economic- Art Aspect in Shiraz Handmade Industries

Handmade arts or traditional arts include the art developed during continuous centuries protecting traditions and cultural roots passing itself forming stages. One of traditional arts is secret aspect of it. Recognized and hidden works to be applied like music and traditional theater is another main property of traditional arts, it has a long history in Iran. We could see works and history of the above lab in Shiraz in recent years, by Mrs. Afsane and Mrs. Afsoon Faghiri. These works have traditional ones using special art methods and tools in high quality. The lab would be considering through this paper including an effective influence on economy of city art. The results investigated are collected through a field research. Keywords- Afsane and Afsoon. Flower and Bird. Economy. Art, Shiraz.