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The Affect Factors of Learning English Language For Early Childhood

The research aimed to study The affect factors of Learning English language for Early childhood. There were several important aspects factors of family´┐Żs childpeople, friends, teachers and environmental factors. The data of activities were collected from the children's school atLomrak, Daodong, Tamnimit (Pokautit) school. The sample groups were 134 people. The data activities analysis were performed using the statistical frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and Oneway ANOVA test to determine the statistical significance at level 05. The results showed that the factors which affected of the Learning Englishlanguage for Early childhood were familypeople and friends in high level, followed by teachers and the factor of environment were medium level . The factors of family people were encourage to listen some English songs at high level, followed by admiring of speaking English, and encourage to have foreigner friends. The factors from friends showed that speak with friends and closed friends with English language were in high level, and followed by studying with foreigner. The factors from teachers showed that learning English language from English media functions were high level and followed by English language activities. The factors from environment showed that the comfortable place were high level and followed by time to study. Base on the results, the family peoplewere the main importance factor and followed by friends, teachers and environment factors in order to motivate, support and encourage early childhood of Learning English Language at the beginning level. So,we should focus for all activities, especially, family people for the most keys important factor in developing early childhood to be the high value generation. Keywords- Learning English Language, Early Childhood, English By Family.