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The Expectation in Service Standard in Food and Beverage Department: A Case Study in Boutique Hotel, Bangkok

This research aims to study the expectation of guest about service standard in food and beverage department of boutique hotel in Bangkok. And to compares personal factors with the rate of guest’s expectation toward food and beverage department. In this research, questionnaires and in-depth interview were used for data collection. There were two parts of modified questionnaires to measure guest’s expectation toward service sequences, places, facilities and staffs. This study used sample random sampling as an approach for data collection. Four hundred questionnaires were distributed to boutique hotel’s guest in Bangkok. 390 questionnaires were responded and returned. The response rate was 97.5 % and data were analyzed by SPSS. The study found that the rate of guest’s expectation towards food and beverage department in boutique hotel generally high. Recommendations for research implementations in food and beverage department in boutique hotel were training in service sequences, product knowledge, and new technology for staffs should be the first priority. To maintain the area of good service quality, and improve some dimensions of service quality such as equipments and cleanliness are most considered. Keywords- Service standard, Expectation, Boutique Hotel