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Digital Mobility and the Changing Fa�ade of Tourism Landscape: A Case Study of Self- Drive Excursionists, Central Thailand Routes

This paper investigated travel motivation, planning behavior and experiences utilizing the case study of Thai self- drive excursionists driving along the Central Thailand routes. The study employed the qualitative approach with the snowball sampling technique and the semi structure in- depth interview. The findings revealed the significance of information retrieval from the technological mobile device in assisting in-situ travel planning, whereas the signage were useful with some limitations; these addressed an importance of physical and information flow in tourism logistics for destination management. The self- drive tourism market was also characterized by socially fun and pleasurable atmosphere along the roadand information technological- oriented behavior. The travel experiences underlined the respondents� consumption in leisure in attachment with eating and shopping, value of time spent with friends and family, and frequent en route stops. The findings contributed to a better understanding of this immensely growing tourism market of Thailand, particularly in terms of creative tourism products development, regional tourism promotion, creative souvenir sector, improvement of car- based infrastructure and services and road landscapes, as to motivate more frequent holidays and higher spending out of the tourism enclaves. Keywords- Digital Mobility, In- Situ Travel Planning, Self- Drive Excursionist, Tourism Landscape.