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The Transition of Time in the Thai Mural Painting and Graphic Novels: The Mural Painting in the Temple of Wat Suwannaram

This study is an attempt to discuss the transition of time in the Thai Mural Painting, by proposing the new approach in analyzing the Thai Mural Painting through the contemporary view point, which is the comparison of the time transition of the graphic novels. This study mainly look at the Thai Mural Painting wit in the main temple of WatSuwannaram as the case study. It was found out that the most transition used within the mural with continuous story telling is the aspect-to-aspect type. And the symbolic mural mostly employed the subject-to-subject and moment-to-moment transition. However, because of the large scale of the mural, some of them were divided internally by the edge of architecture or treelines, which were also the time transition within the particular mural. Keywords- Transition, Graphic Novel, Mural Painting, Wat Suwannaram, History