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Factors Affecting the Implementation of the Policy on Promoting and Develop the Quality of Life of the Persons With Disabilities

The objective of this research is to study 1) Factors affecting the implementation of the policy on promoting and develop the quality of life of The Persons with Disabilities. In this qualitative research investigation, the researcher collected data from government documents, academic documents and from in-depth interviews conducted with key informants.These key informants consisted of three groups of subjects. The first group consisted of high-ranking administrators implementing the policy under study at the National Office for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (NEP) and the Department of Social Development and Welfare (DSDW), MSDHS. The second group consisted of operational officials, i.e. those concerned with providing assistance to those having social problems under the auspices of DSDW, MSDHS in Bangkok Metropolis and those working in Provincial Social Development and Human Security Offices (PSDHSO) in the greater Bangkok Metropolitan area. These offices were in the following provinces: NakhonPathom, Nonthaburi, PathumThani, SamutPrakan, and SamutSakhon. The third group consisted of representatives from a variety of organizations for the physically challenged. These representatives were from organizations for the visually impaired; the hearing impaired, and the mobility impaired. The instrument of research was an in-depth interview form. Major data were collected from interviews with high-ranking administrators, operational personnel who were members of the civil service, and those who were members of private sector organizations as well as those from organizations for the physically challenged. Findings are as follows 1.) Implementation having good results depended on the management skills of those concerned in MSDHS agencies concomitant with having the ability to coordinate with other concerned ministries and departments, as well as with private sector organizations and the physically challenged themselves. 2.) Findings show that due to certain limitations�i.e., personnel resources, budget, equipment, meeting deadlines�civil service personnel or other concerned personnel must use appropriate methods of their own devising in order to solve problems. 3.) In studying efforts at implementation, the researcher found that although there are certain obstacles, the overall picture was one in which there were positive outcomes. An example is that there are a number of people officially registering as �physically challenged,� thereby ensuring that they have the right to receive services. This results in these people being able to reach a higher level of quality of life. Index Terms- Factors Affecting The Implementation Of The Policy, Implementation Of The Policy, The Persons With Disabilities