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Thai Architectural Lighting and Emotional Values Creation Case Study at the Ubosot of Wat Yai Suvarnnaram in Phetburi Province

This research is aimed to study characteristics and volume of light within the Ubosot of WatYaiSuvarnaram which have impact in creating three emotional values: peaceful, respectable, and magnificent; to be used as guidelines for ambience creation lighting in Thai style. The study was done by simulation of the lighting patterns and questionnaire survey from which the derived data was analyzed using the average and percentage values. The research indicates that, first of all, light emanating from the ceiling alone can create a peaceful emotional value at the highest level, with the average value of 4.53 (S.D.=0.77). Secondly, the average value of light emanating from both the rear door panels of 4.57 (S.D.=0.77) and that from the front door panel of 4.50 (S.D.=0.50) can create a respectable ambience at the highest level. Lastly, the light illuminating from behind on both left and right sides and one scattering from above to below can create a magnificent ambience at the highest level with the average of 4.53 (S.D.=0.50). Keywords´┐Ż Light, Thai Architecture, Emotional Values, Chapel, Wat Yai Suvarnaram in Phetburi Province, History.