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Factorsaffected Upper Secondary Students’ Decisions on Study in International Program of Thailand Higher Education, Study in Public Schools in Western Bangkok

A higher education institution needs to understand its customer needs and wants in order to remain competitive and survive among higher education providers, same as any other business institution. Some literatures have investigated the importance of student choice criteria as the decision is crucial on an individual’s future life. Although studies on student choice criteria have been carried out, none have addressed these in Western Bangkok area. This paper aims to explore the factors that influence toward senior secondary students’ choices in the selection of an international program in University, Thailand. Quantitative research throughout Western Bangkok was carried out with 400 senior secondary students only in public schools. Preliminary results indicate that students considered 25 criteria for selecting an international program in university of Thailand. The five most important factors are 1) Location is conveniently reached by public transportation, 2) Location is clean, beautiful and safe, 3) Officers and supportive staff members can speak English, 4) Adequate various faculties in international programs are available to choose from and 5) Good safety and security system for both inside and outside of building. By determining what is important to students when they choose the international programs in Thai universities, this current study will help universities to promote their institutions and to have a greater knowledge about the underlying motivations of students for furthering study in higher education. Limitations of the study are discussed and future research direction is provided. Keywords— International Program, Higher Education, Upper Secondary Students, Public School.