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Related Factors With Sexual Behavior of Male Receiving Health Care Services at Clinic

Sexual behavior of male elderly is very significant and understudied in Thai society. This correlational study aimed to examine the relationship between knowledge of and attitude towards sexual behaviors, health status, relationship with spouse and sexual behavior of male elderly. Eighty older adults of age attending menopause clinic at an university hospital were randomly selected to participate in this study. Instruments used included The demographic Questionnaire, The Knowledge about Sexual Behavior Questionnaire, The Health Status Questionnaire, The Attitudes towards Sexual Behavior Questionnaire, The Relationship with Spouse Questionnaire and The Sexual Behavior Questionnaire with its reliability of .80, .82, .89 and .82, respectively. Data were computed as frequency, percent, mean, standard deviation, and Pearson�s product moment correlation coefficient was also calculated. Findings revealed that attitude towards sexual behavior and relationship with spouse of male elderly positively related to sexual behavior at the moderate level with the significant level of .01 (r = .59, r = .46 respectively. The health status and knowledge about sexual behavior were not significant related to sexual behavior. Index Terms� Male Elderly, Sexual Behavior.