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Armor Material Selection Of Coastal Protection Structure At Bintuni Bay, Est Papua Indonesia

Bintuni Bay is located off Bird's Head Peninsula of New Guinea, administratively it is part of West Papua province, Indonesia. The bay is 12 miles (19.3 km) wide at its entrance and the land on both sides of northern and southern coasts are marsh. West Papua province lies in the eastern border of Indonesian Archipelago, it located about 6000 km eastern of Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. There is a gas plant compound that had been built and operated inBintuni Bay southern coast. Due to existence of several coastal infrastructures, e.g jetties, breakwater, seawall and wharf, coastal erosion is occurred and threat the safety of the plant. In order to protect and to strengthen eroded coast, a coastal protection structure will be build alongshore of eroded coast. Coastal protection type is a rubble mound revetment structure that commonly consists of three layers i.e core layer, under layer and armor layer. Considering construction area is a remote area where most of construction equipment and material is not available nearby, suitable equipment and material need to transported from other island. Material selection especially armor material is determined based on construction method, schedule and cost. Construction method takes into account environmental condition (water depth, type of soil, current, wave and tidal), activity restriction near gas plant area, and permitted equipment. From the analysis, it is preferred to use angular stone than artificial armor (concrete unit) which it is required less construction cost and time period. Keywords-coastal protection, armor layer, tetrapod, construction cost