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Health Behaviors and Health Risk Behaviors of Rajabhat University Students

The purpose of this descriptive study was to describe health and health risk behavior in students of Suan Sunandha Rajapbat University. The subjects were 400 undergraduate students, sampling by proportion . Data were collected using a questionnaire with questions selected from PRECEDEPROCEED Model of Green and Kreuter (1991) who had attended Health behaviors and health risk behaviors a sexual and health problems. The results showed that 62.0 percent of the students had normal body mass index33.7, percent planned to lose body weight, 42.4 percent perceived their health was good, and 2.9 percent perceived their health was poor. Their healthy behaviors were that they ate vegetables (97.4%), and drank milk (84.2%),drank fruit juice (67.4%), 97.4) .Their risky behaviors were drinking alcohol ( 75.0 %), smoking (22.6%), , substance abuse (1.6%),. Twenty nine point six percent had had sexual intercourse. Their sexual risk behaviors were not using a condom 27 students 6.75 % . The findings of this study should be attitude and beneficial in health promotion for students in university. Keywords´┐Ż Health Behaviors, Health Risk Behaviors, Sexual Behavior.