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The Nutrition Health Behavior Modification For Controlling Hypertension at Ruamjaipattana Community Bangkok

The action research aims to study how to change nutritional health behavior for controlling hypertension and satisfaction of the modification program. The sample of subjects were people who at risk of high blood pressure. A total of 100 people from the Ruamjaipattana Community Bangkok. Most are female have lower education. Entitled to healthcare Gold Card in Bangkok. The vulnerable groups with high blood pressure 34 percent and risk to hypertension 40 percent. The duration of program 3 months during march 2013 to may 2013. The program consist of participatory learning how to controlling dietary daily eating by Increasing 3 S : Self efficacy , Self regulation and self-care for controlling and prevention of hypertension. The results showed that after enrolled Nutritional health Behavior Modification program. The participant had higher score in their health behavior (Self-efficacy) , Self-regulation and Self-care better than before the program: at 93, 95 and 96 percent of participants respectively. It was a change in a better direction: 67 percent decrease blood pressure, 51 percent weight loss and BMI decrease of 51 percent too. Most of them were satisfied with the high level of 97 percent. The key Successful projects were the cooperation of participants, a variety of activities that highlight that encourage participants knew how to use in daily eating and practice. The event continues to be made with the cooperation of a multidisciplinary, comprehensive facilities. This national participatory learning was the one method to use as guideline for health promotion in the community. Suggestions on the next project is focused on the development other health behavior that encourage participants have truly skilled health through real action. Keywords´┐Ż Nutrition Health Promotion, Hypertension, participatory action learning, Health Behavior Modification.