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Life Quality Enhancement of Female Prisoners With Cancers by Arokayasal Wat Kampramong Guideline

This research was a part of the Project for Life Quality Enhancement of Female Prisoners in Udonthani Central Prison by Arokayasal Wat Kampramong guideline, by “Luang Ta” or Phra Paponpat and volunteer team of Wat Kampramong, Pannanikom District, Sakolnakorn Province. Thailand. The objective was to enhance life quality of female prisoners with cancers in physical, psychological and social aspects by Arokayasal Wat Kampramong guideline. The research methods were qualitative and quantitative study including action research. The physical enhancement was cancer treatment using herbs from Arokayasal Practice and other herbs to alleviate suffering. The psychological enhancement was Buddhism practice for mind calmness, stress decrease and understanding the truth of life by listening to Dhamma, praying and meditation. The social aspect was enhanced by music session, group exercise, understanding nature of living with others and forgiveness. The population were 18 female prisoners with cancer. The results of physical enhancement showed the samples were cooperative in treatment and advice, pain decrease and tumor sizereduction. The results of psychological and social enhancementwere better mental health, understanding of life and illness, having hope,life encouragement and anticipation to do benefit for society after leaving prison. Index Terms—Life Quality Enhancement, Female Prisoners with Cancers, Arokayasal Wat Kampramong.