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Selected Factors Associated With Health Status of Personnel at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

The Cross sectional research aims to study the association between the selected individual's gender, age, income, education, marital status, nature of work and exercise behaviors and health status. The samples Personnel working in the university. Both men and women who volunteer to attend the annual health check in 2014. Of 265 people were collecting data with personal factors. Health Assessment Questionnaire about physical activity with Confidence = 0.7718, questionnaire exercise behavior with the confidence = 0.9683 using statistical data analysis, percentage, average, standard deviation and test Chi-square. The results showed that the samples were female, 69.1% and males 30.9%, mean age 36.68 years, the average income per month 19,675.96 baht, Status Single 59.6%, bachelor degree 57.8% Job as supporting staff as possible. 72.1% of the self-perceived health status and health conditions that typically 83.5% from the rate for health screening. Overall screening is not usually the most knowledgeable 70.2% to 86.8% with good exercise habits, proper exercise, 11.7%. The hypotheses showed that income associated with glycemic statistically significant (P-value <0.05), gender, age, income level, blood pressure was associated with a statistically significant (P-value <0.05), sex, cholesterol levels were associated with a statistically significant (P-value <0.05), sex and exercise behavior was associated with triglyceride levels was statistically significant (P-value <0.05). The results of this study can be used as basic guide and promote the health of individuals and communities can continue. Keywords´┐Ż Health Status, Personal factors.