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Muttakit, Vaginal Discharge in Thai Traditional Medicine

The wisdom of Thai traditional medicine stated many diseases that different to the modern medical knowledge. Comparison of the symptoms in between may help the diagnosis and management. Vaginal discharge is the common gynecological problem in female. It had been stated in the Thai traditional medicine textbook as �Muttakit�, categorized in 4 groups. Cancer of the cervix or endometrium, bacterial vaginos is and cervicit is are the most likely of the symptoms mentioned in the textbook. Many newly found diagnoses of vaginal discharge are not mentioned in the ancient Thai traditional textbook. They should be updated to keep the wisdom remain usable as one of the alternative medicine. Many recipes of herbal compound were believed in the efficiency for some of the symptoms but not all. The correct diagnosis will give the chance to the patient to have in time and proper treatment. For example, if the Thai traditional medicine diagnosed and correlated with the cancer, herbal treatment only is not sufficient. Biopsy, surgery or radiation may have role in treatment and survival rate. Index Terms� Muttakit, Thai Traditional Medicine, Vaginal discharge, Gynecology.