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Effects of Tribulusterrestris Extracton Growth Performance and Body Composition of Convict Cichlid (Cichlasomanigrofasciatum)

This study evaluated the effects of diet containing 1 and 2 g kg-1 Tribulusterrestris extract on growth and body composition of Convict cichlid (Cichlasomanigrofasciatum). During 45 days of experimental period, fish fed 4 times a day at 3% of their body weight. For a completely randomized experimental design, 117 C. nigrofasciatum male with an average initial weight of 2.30�0.04 g were distributed into 9 glass aquaria (13 fish/tank) in 3 replicates. Biometry of the groups was done every 15 days. According to the results, the highest weight gain (WG) was obtained in 1 g kg-1 followed by 2 g kg-1T. terrestris extract and control. In groups that received T. terrestris extract, specific growth rate (SGR)increased significantly (p<0.05). Comparison of feed conversion ratio (FCR) and condition factor (CF) in different treatments indicates no significant differences (p>0.05). Survival rate of fish in all groups was 100%. As compared to control, protein levels for dried body decreased after feeding the fish with T. terrestris extract (p<0.05). Fish fed with T. terrestris extract showed higher lipid and moisture content than fish fed by control diet (p<0.05). There were no significant differences in ash content of fish body among experimental groups (p>0.05). The present results suggest that supplemented T. terrestris extract in feeds for C. nigrofasciatum improves growth performance. Keywords- Body Composition, Cichlasomanigrofasciatum, Growth, Tribulusterrestris.