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Current Controlled Negative Resistance With Memory in Some Binary Thallium Chalcogenide Semiconductor Compound

P-type Tl2Se3 semiconductor single crystals have been grown by a directional freezing method based on the Bridgman technique. By investigation of the DC current�voltage characteristics of Tl2Se3 single crystal, it has been found that, the specimen under test exhibit memory switching of the negative resistance process. The process takes place with both polarities on the crystal and has symmetrical shape. The CVC of the compound shows two different regions: an ohmic region at low current densities and a negative differential resistance region (NDR) at moderate and higher current densities. The phenomenon in our best sample is very sensitive to surrounding conditions (temperature and light intensity) as well as the quality of the sample. The switching parameter (ith_ vth_pth_ vh_ ih_Eth_ROFF/RON) are checked under the influence of the different factors of the ambient condition. This behavior has been explained by an electrothermal model. Keywords: Crystal Growth, Dithallium Triselenide, CVC, CCNR, Memory