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Corruption in The Thai Bureaucracy as The Economic Threat: An Analysis For Approaches of Solutions

This paper aimed to examine causes and consequences of the corruption problems in the Thai bureaucracy and approaches for solutions of the economic problem that led to the corruption practices. In-depth interview was used in collecting the data, with 21 key informant classified into 4 groups who were former politicians, scholars who had extensive knowledge about the corruption, persons who were responsible for investigating law enforcement, independent scholars, developers and former senior government officials who had vast experience in monitoring the corruption suppression. The comparison of opinions across the different countries in regards to approaches to corruption solutions was also provided. The findings revealed that the main causes of the corruption practices were low salary, capitalism values and bribery. The study suggested an adoption of the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy as one of the approaches for the corruption solutions, whereas social media could be a device to public anti- corruption promotion. Index Terms- Corruption, Thai Bureaucracy, Economic Threat