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Analysis of Factors Affecting People Satisfaction Towards The Unification of Asean Economic Community

This paper aimed to examine AEC- associated consequences including trade agreement, occupation and tourism as the influential factors of public satisfaction towards the AEC. The quantitative approach was utilized with questionnaire as a tool in collecting the data. The samples were 400 people from Pha Rai, Phan Seuk, Klong Namsai and Tha Kam Sub- district. The hypotheses were established with the variables namely trade agreement, occupation, tourism and satisfaction of people, in order to analyze the public satisfaction towards the unification of AEC. The findings concluded that trade agreement, occupation, tourism, service, free trade areas accommodating factor, child labor, human trafficking and transportation cooperation and prevention measures delivered effect on people’s satisfaction towards the AEC. Index Terms- ASEAN Economic Community, Factors, Satisfaction, Unification