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Development For Sustainable Tourism by Implementing The Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy in Phuket, Thailand

This paper aimed to investigate relationship of the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy factors that associated with the relationship in the eco- tourism supply chain from the upstream, middle stream to downstream sources that affected tourist satisfaction, local community involvement and sustainable development for eco- tourism in Phuket Province. The findings the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy provided a wider range of utilities to be adopted in tourism development and policy formulation for sustainability based on the principles of the Philosophy. The policy in association with the principle of reasonableness could be referred to a provision of directions for tourist attraction recovery, cultural preservation and promotion of host community involvement. Additionally, tourism product diversification and innovation based on the local wisdoms and identities remains one of the critical factors that can build immunity for the local communities and sustainability for the province’s eco- tourism. Index Terms- Development, Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy, Sustainable Tourism.