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Community Satisfaction on School Social Responsibility of Private Schools in Khon Kaen

This study aimed to investigate the community satisfaction with Khon Kaen private schools� role and social responsibility thus develop guidelines for private school administrators under the Office of Khon Kaen to organize their activities with regard to social responsibility, in Thailand. The study was organized in 3 phases for data collection. The first phase was for collecting quantitative data for the construction of research instruments for the second phase. The sample used in this phase consisted of four administrators of the medium-size general-education private schools in Khon Kaen Province which had been awarded prizes relating to social responsibility. The samples were purposely selected. The second phase was for the collection of quantitative data by means of a questionnaire from 375 teachers and school boards� members who were selected through simple random sampling. The questionnaire had a reliability value of 0.972. The third phase was designed for the collection of qualitative data through a group discussion for which seven experts had been participated. The experts were purposely selected for the focus group discussion. The instrument used at group discussion was a recording form the data of which were analyzed by means of content analysis. The findings showed that (i) the community�s satisfaction with the private schools� role in assuming social responsibility, as a whole, was at high level in which the SSR-in �process showed a lower mean score than the SSR-after-process. When all the aspects were scrutinized separately, it was found that the SSR-in-process activities for life- skill development for the learners ranked the lowest; the SSR-after-process activities for social responsibility in respect to the reservation of environment around the school also showed a lowest mean score; ii) as regard guidelines for the organization of activities for taking social responsibility by private schools in Khon Kaen, it was found that the private schools should encourage community participation through a brainstorming session of teachers, parents and students in the preparation of a PDCA Plan for organizing activities for each semester. In addition, the schools should raise awareness about the need for organizing such activities among the teachers, to make the activities comprehensible to the teachers, to apply a policy of reinforcement to boost morale and unity among the teachers through training workshops or school meetings. Index Terms� Community Satisfaction, Private Schools, Social Responsibility.