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School Management For Brain-Based Learning Promotion in School Under The Office of Khonkaen Primary Educational Area 5

This study aimed to investigate the school management for promoting brain-based learning thus develop guidelines based on the school management for promoting brain-based learning in schools under the Office of KhonKaen Primary Educaional Area 5, Thailand. Researchers utilized mixed mode method using survey and in-depth interview design. A total of 341 school administrators and teachers as well as seven school administrators were involved phase 1 and phase of this study as respondents respectively. Researchers employed purposive sampling technique for the seven qualitative samples while multi-stage sampling technique for 341quantitative samples by utilizing Krejcie and Morgan table. Two types of research instruments were utilized in this study namely questionnaire and interview protocol. This study was conducted in two phases. Descriptive statistic like mean score, percentage as well as content analysis were utilized to analyze the obtained data. The results from the first phase indicated that all the dimensions of school management for promoting brain-based learning were at high level. In addition guidelines for school administrators to promote school management of brain-based learning include (i) providing a workshop for promoting teachers to learn about designing a school curriculum based on the brain-based learning concept, as well as for designing an information system of student�s learning outcome, and for conducting classroom research;(ii) supporting teachers to productively implement the brain-based learning concept to action;(iii) promoting teachers to conduct a classroom research towards teaching through the brain-based learning concept, as well as to present research outcomes at any academic events both inside and outside schools;(iv) developing learning resources and technology for supporting teaching; (v) scheduling a clear calendar for reflection session of students� outcomes; (vi) scheduling a clear calendar and agenda for parent�smeeting, and(vii) developing a standard of internal supervision system. Index Terms� Brain-based learning, guidelines, school management.